— FAQ —

1.Q:So, what's the best way to clean an office chair?

   A:Below are the steps we recommend taking, in order of execution:

  1. Vacuum any dirt off of your chair.
  2. Remove any remaining dirt with warm soap and water.
  3. If stains persist, gently dab the area with a spot cleaner. Do not rub or scrub your furniture… that could cause the mesh to fray.

2.Q:How to clean Sit&Stand Desktop?

    A:1.Make sure to clean the desktop thoroughly before cleaning. Dust and dirt can cause buildup, which can reduce the efficiency of your computer.

           Get all those corners and gaps by cleaning the surface.

         2. Use a slightly damp rag to pick up all the dust on the office furniture.

         3. After cleaning and wiping, make sure the table is completely dry.

           The best practice for cleaning an effective work area is to clean and wipe the tabletop once a week.

 3.Q:How to Clean Office Chair Wheels?

     A:If your chair wheels don’t pull off for cleaning, detach them with a screwdriver. Remove dirt and debris with a spray cleaner,

         but be sure to dry all components thoroughly. Finish up with a greaseless lubricant to keep wheels operating smoothly without attracting dirt.